Our concept

Our concept

MY DESK AWAY: the tool for tomorrow’s worker! 
Teleworking? Yes, but not only from home!

MY DESK AWAY puts teleworkers in touch with different infrastructures (hotels, restaurants, bars, campsites…). From now on, the research for teleworking places will be facilitated by this platform. In addition, certain pre-selected criteria can be highlighted by the establishments such as: high-speed Internet, a quieter space for telephoning, a printer, discounts for drinks on the premises, etc…

Discover the concept in video!


We are aware that many establishments have been affected by the crisis and we want to help them through this project. It is also about revitalizing the territories by reviving the local shops.

Our objective is to bring out only the positive side of the telework.

  • For teleworkers:  a diversified offer of places to work outside their home
  • For the establishments: new customers during off-peak hours.

Furthermore, we are part of a sustainable approach by using existing infrastructures rather than creating new ones.

Advantages for teleworkers

  • A different working space, that privileges exchanges and meetings in friendly places.
  • A concept that makes teleworking much more dynamic.
  • Moreover, by using the platform, an invoice can be generated so that the user can add it to his expenses list.

Benefits for the establishments

  • A new clientele that will fill the establishments during off-peak hours 
  • A business diversification
  • More income
  • A contribution to the development and dynamism of local stores
  • A support to the local economy
  • An easy availability management
  • A simple and functional tool offering more visibility

Moreover, thanks to our Air Drone Productions tools and its virtual visits, many establishments can be highlighted!


You have an establishment and you are interested in this concept? Don’t hesitate any longer and sign up right here.

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