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Many people have been working from home since March, and with no saign of going back to the office for many. Thus, they have found pubs, bars and cafes as a welcome escape to the familiar four walls of their home office.

It is a great opportunity for teleworkers to get their creative juices flowing, meet up with colleagues to discuss the latest project or even just get out of the house for the day and into a new environment. 

A third person would feel comfortable working or holding a meeting in a pub, as long as the government’s COVID-19 health restrictions are respected.

The advantages

What are the advantages for teleworkers? 

  • A different working space, that privileges exchanges and meetings in friendly places.
  • A concept that makes teleworking much more dynamic.
  • Moreover, by using the platform, an invoice can be generated so that the user can add it to his expenses list.


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